Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs – DVD FORMAT


Get Toned, Sexy Arms and Shoulders no matter what you weigh! Blast love handles and muffin top. Slim the Thighs, firm and “lift” the Buns.


Key Benefits:

  • Lean, Sexy Legs and A High, Tight Tush
  • Flat ABS, Sculpted Arms
  • Increased Energy Levels and Good Health

It’s no secret – how we look in clothes, at the beach, or on our wedding day – is important to us.

With this video you can slim and tone the top 4 jiggle zones: upper arms, abs, legs, bum. Achieve the enviable “Pilates and Yoga body”. Make visible and permanent improvements without expensive equipment or a gym membership and have everyone wondering why you look so great! Be warned though, after using these toning exercises, you may find yourself spending more time in front of your mirror!


“Michaela gave me the clearest understanding of finding the core muscles and isolating them of any host/workout guru that I have ever heard. You always hear tighten the core, isolate the core, etc. but the videos I’ve worked with just don’t explain it well, outside of ‘pull your bellybutton into the spine.’ What a great and careful demonstration she provides here!

The pushups were great. I, like many others, thought I couldn’t do a push-up. However, I was able to do what she demonstrated, mostly on the floor, a couple on the wall. I FELT these workouts for days afterwords and really feel like I benefited greatly from them.”

Go beyond ‘Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs’ with one of these Amazing Complementary videos (images below):

1. “LIFT” Trim and Tone – To Your Heart’s Desire – 4 DVD Set –includes ‘Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs’ plus
‘About Balance’, toning exercises for your Core muscles to stand and walk with ease and grace
‘Beginner Pilates in Detail’, to build the lean, supple, Pilates body envied by everyone and make age irrelevant in the way you look and feel
‘The Foam Roller Workout & Massage – BEGINNER’, to bust the cellulite, treat yourself to heavenly back massages at no cost. Release knotted muscles that trigger pain and discomfort (including IT band).

2. Posture Balance and Whole Body Toning – 4-DVD Set – includes ‘Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs’ plus
‘About Balance’, toning exercises for your Core muscles to stand and walk with ease and grace
‘Better Posture’, look slimmer, sexier and younger by preserving the natural curve of the spine
‘Morning & Bedtime Stretches’, for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots; “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>) is invaluable for a healthy back and well-supported spine; surrender to the 5 minute guided visualization that may put you to sleep before it’s over.

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