Posture Balance and Whole Body Toning – 4-DVD SET


Good posture is important physically and psychologically. In just a short time, your improved body will earn the admiration of friends & family and you will look & feel better than ever before!


Key Benefits:

  • Look slimmer, sexier and more confident with better posture
  • Prevent the risk of falling and hurting yourself with strong core muscles, bum and legs
  • Complete everyday movements with less energy and effort
  • Erase your daily stress, sleep better and wake up refreshed, with a more positive outlook

ACHIEVE:  Defined core muscles to keep your body in proper alignment & balance, thus allowing other muscle groups to function as they were intended; healthy joint mobility; better balance, in as little as one month; improved flexibility and lower back tension/pain relief; visible slimming & toning of arms, shoulders, abs, bum.

Included in this 4-DVD Set:

1.  Morning and Bedtime Stretches, for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots; includes “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>); surrender to the 5 minute guided visualization that may put you to sleep before it’s over
2.  Better Posture, look years younger by preserving the natural curve of your back and stop the aging effects on the spine
3.  About Balance, give your legs and bum a workout that you will feel for days after – safely – without affecting your kness or hips, making plenty use of Abs
4.  Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs, to blast the jiggle in arms, hips, and butt; flatten the abs; afraid of push-ups? be no longer! push-up variations for everyone, clearly explained and demonstrated.


“I love the fact that each exercise is very detailed, and she’s so focused on the viewer’s understanding of the manoeuvre. She didn’t just spit out a DVD to make money.”

The DVDs in this package are also available as Single DVDs and Instant Downloads.

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