Morning and Bedtime Stretches – DVD FORMAT


Erase your daily stress, sleep better and wake up refreshed, with a more positive outlook. Stretching keeps your body limber and pain free, although it does more harm than good when done improperly.


Key Benefits:

  • Increase your flexibility, joint mobility and circulation
  • Decrease the risk of activity-based injuries
  • Sleep soundly; awaken refreshed, with a positive outlook
  • Keep energized and alert at work

Specific, gentle Yoga and Pilates stretches for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots. 

Ease aches and pains and reduce morning stiffness with the 1st, detailed morning stretch routine that will prepare your body for the day’s activities. It includes “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>) which is invaluable for a healthy back and well-supported spine. Once you remember the details, continue with the 2nd sequence – a 10 minute condensed version. The 3rd sequence is for bedtime, to help you relax, fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of your sleep. Surrender to the 5 minute guided relaxation that may put you to sleep before it’s over.


“Excellent! Very well done! Every move is well detailed and easy to understand, just the way I like it. I tried some of the stretches, but my back is still a little sore to do a lot. Small steps, just like you said in the video – this works for me! I liked the relaxation chapter at the end of “Morning and Bedtime Stretches” – I really enjoyed that part and the way I felt after.

Go beyond ‘Morning and Bedtime Stretches’ with one of these Amazing Complementary videos (images below):

1. Posture Balance and Whole Body Toning – 4-DVD Set – includes ‘Morning and Bedtime Stretches’ plus
‘About Balance’, toning exercises for your Core muscles to stand and walk with ease and grace
‘Better Posture’, to correct postural imbalances, keep your spine aligned and prevent fatigue
‘Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs’, to blast the jiggle in arms, hips, butt; push-ups demystified: variations for everyone – surprise yourself with what you can do!

2. BACK TO STRENGTH: Core Integration To Live & Play Back-Pain Free – 5-DVD Set – includes ‘Morning and Bedtime Stretches’ plus
‘Pilates on the GO’, mini-movements, easy to incorporate into your busiest day while sitting, standing, even driving
‘Better Posture’, to correct postural imbalances, keep your spine aligned and prevent fatigue
‘Beginner Pilates in Detail’, your first steps to carving show stopping abs.
‘2 Progressive Pilates Workout Sequences’, to blast the muffin top and love handles, build your natural “weight lifter’s” belt around your waistline that will forever protect your back.

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