LIFT Trim and Tone To Your Heart’s Desire – 4-Video Set – INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Core and Body Strength Special! Get sleek arms, build the lean sexy legs and high tush you’ve dreamed of. Get into your best shape ever!


Key Benefits:

  • Hold onto your beach body all year long
  • No expensive equipment or gym membership required
  • Increase your stamina, take your athletic game to the next level
  • Savour your achievements and proudly show them off by looking years younger

Allow yourself to stand out in a crowd! Smile from your heart. Beginner – Intermediate Pilates and Yoga movements that will strengthen your body and touch your soul.

Develop the self-confidence that comes with great posture. Rev up your energy levels. Boost your immunity and health. Bust the cellulite. Treat yourself to heavenly back massages right when you need them, at no cost.

Included in this 4-Video Set:

1.  Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs, to the jiggle in arms, hips, and butt; flatten the abs; afraid of push-ups? be no longer! push-up variations for everyone, clearly explained and demonstrated
2.  About Balance, give your legs and bum a workout that you will feel for days after – safely – without affecting your kness or hips, making plenty use of Abs
3.  Beginner Pilates in Detail, to reshape and realign your body from your core outward; seven 15-25 minute workouts as originally taught by Joseph H. Pilates
4.  The Foam Roller Workout and Massage – Beginner, to release knotted muscles that trigger pain and discomfort, including the IT Band; get a heavenly back massage whenever you need one.


“I enjoy your videos so much! I am very impressed with your knowledge. More so, however, is the way in which you pass on all your information in such a caring fashion. People can see how devoted you are to all of this and that it is important to you that others learn well.”

The Videos in this package are also available as Single DVDs and Instant Downloads.

Mat and foam roller are sold separately – online or at your local medical or sporting goods stores.


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