I LOVE My Foam Roller Variety Pack – 5-DVD SET


Stretch, massage, energize and strengthen from the inside out. Tone your Arms, flatten Abs, “lift” the buns, slim Hips and Thighs. Yes, rolling helps to diminish cellulite!


Key Benefits:

  • Stretch, massage, energize and strengthen from the inside out
  • Build a rock-solid Core with 6-pack Abs
  • You will be amazed how much your body can change in as little as 10 minutes a day!
  • YES, rolling helps to diminish cellulite!

Discover the endless applications of the foam roller as a fitness and healing tool …
This is the definitive guide to foam rolling!

Achieve: core integrity; arm, shoulder, Abs definition; shapely thighs; lifted buns; good posture; looser hips, hamstrings, calves. Renew your energy and vitality. Develop endurance and stamina. Look thinner and sit taller, with better balance and posture. Enjoy a more exciting sex life.

Included in this 5-DVD Set:

1-3. The Foam Roller Workout & Massage – Beginner Intermediate Advanced (3 DVDs), to train and massage core muscles, back, hips, arms, shoulders, legs – including the IT band
4.  The Foam Roller STRETCH Massage Energize, total body massage for inner & outer muscle groups; presented in Chapters, set in a pleasant green space outdoors
5.  The Foam Roller CORE POWER — 10-minute Performance, your fastest way to 6-pack abs; lean, sexy legs and a high tush. Four, progressive 10-min sequences plus “How to find & use core” Bonus.


“I was a bit worried about spending so much on a set of DVDs without any reviews; however, my fears were quickly put to rest after just watching the stretching DVD. If you are looking for more than how to stretch and massage, then this is probably the set for you. Michaela is very straight forward and doesn’t waste your time with useless information. The DVDs are packed with every imaginable exercise and stretch/massage with your foam roller.”

The DVDs in this package are also available as Single DVDs and Instant Downloads.

Shipping is FREE !

Mat and foam roller are sold separately – online or at your local medical or sporting goods stores.

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