Better Posture – DVD FORMAT


Look slimmer, sexier and more confident. Turn heads wherever you go. Ready to straighten up with these simple Pilates and Yoga movements?


Key Benefits:

  • Look slimmer and years younger by preserving the natural curve of the spine
  • Fix your form, soothe joint pain, maximize your muscle strength and flexibility
  • Stop the aging effects on the spine brought on by a desk job or sedentary lifestyle
  • Keep your body in proper alignment so you can work and play with minimum effort

How you carry yourself affects the way others see you, but most importantly, how you see yourself.  Although bad posture can cause serious structural flaws that lead to back and joint pain, reduced flexibility and weak muscles, you can start improving your posture at any age – it’s easier than you think!

In just a short time your improved posture will earn the admiration of your family members and friends and you will look and feel better than ever!


“Wanted to say how pleased I am with the improvements in my posture since I’ve been working with this DVD. I never knew that my shoulders were hunched up to my ears in most of my daily activities, which is why I’d end up with neck pain, tension and headaches at the end of my day. Now I know just what to do to correct my life-long habit. Friends have commented on how I walk differently and stand straighter, compliments that make me feel good about my appearance. Also, my back would end up sore after a sitting for long periods, which doesn’t happen anymore. I’m very grateful for these and other changes I feel in my body.” 

Go beyond ‘Better Posture’ with one of these Amazing Complementary videos (images below):

1. Posture Balance and Whole Body Toning – 4-DVD Set – includes ‘Better Posture’ plus
‘About Balance’, toning exercises for your Core muscles to stand and walk with ease and grace
‘Toned Arms Buttocks and Thighs’, to blast the jiggle in arms, hips, butt; push-ups demystified: variations for everyone – surprise yourself with what you can do!
‘Morning & Bedtime Stretches’, for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots; “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>) is invaluable for a healthy back and well-supported spine; surrender to the 5 minute guided visualization that may put you to sleep before it’s over.

2. The CORE of Pilates – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide at Home at the Gym or On the Go – 4-DVD Set
‘Beginner Pilates in Detail 2 DVD-Set’, 2 Beginner Pilates videos that will tone your ABS, legs, bum and back in record time
‘Principles & Basics of Pilates’, concepts & mini-movements, the building blocks of proper form & safety
‘Pilates on the GO’, easy to incorporate into your busiest day while sitting, standing, even driving

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