Beginner Pilates in Detail plus 2 Progressive Workout Sequences – MP4 DOWNLOAD


Make age irrelevant in the way you look and feel. Build the lean, supple, Pilates body envied by everyone. Fit better in your clothes, get into the ones you haven’t worn in years!


Key Benefits:

  • Blast that muffin top and love handles in record time
  • Lose dress sizes faster than you think possible
  • Improve your posture and body image
  • Make age irrelevant in the way you look and feel

These 7 Beginner Pilates exercises impart the  knowledge and teachings of Joseph Pilates himself.  Easy to follow instructions take you through your first steps in achieving the enviable “Pilates Body”: toned, trim muscles, including the core;  a flat stomach at any age;  body balance and alignment; muscle and joint flexibility, including your back; a foundation of strength and ability for other exercises or sports you enjoy.

Video1: the 7 exercises explained in detail with a focus on accuracy of movement and the achievement of proper form. Learn the purpose of each exercise and how to perform it for maximum gains with no wasted energy. Each is a 15-20 minutes workout.

Video2: once you know “the Beginner 7”, follow one of the two 15-20 minute Progressive Sequences for an immediate boost of energy and the “nothing makes me feel better” refreshed and ready feeling .


“I have bought many Pilates Beginner/Intermediate DVDs and Michaela Sirbu’s “Beginner Pilates in Detail” is the best instructional video for a beginner who wants to learn the 7 basic Pilates exercises well. Her instructions are detailed and clear and easy to understand and follow. She breaks each exercise down into its’ parts: breathing sequence, arm movements, powerhouse/core, leg movements and shows modifications for each level of Pilates skill so that you can start as a beginner and improve your technique to higher levels as you get stronger and more skilled.”

Go beyond ‘Beginner Pilates in Detail’ with one of these Amazing Complementary videos (images below):

1. The CORE of Pilates – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide at Home at the Gym or On the Go – 4 Videos – includes ‘Beginner Pilates in Detail 2 Videos’ plus
‘Principles & Basics of Pilates’, concepts & mini-movements, the building blocks of proper form & safety
‘Pilates on the GO’, easy to incorporate into your busiest day while sitting, standing, even driving.

2. STRETCH Self-Massage Relax – Your HOW TO Guide – 4 Videos – includes ‘Beginner Pilates in Detail 2 Videos’ plus
‘The Foam Roller STRETCH Massage & Energize’, stretches & massage for inner & outer muscles
‘Morning & Bedtime Stretches’, for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots;  “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>) is invaluable for a healthy back and well-supported spine;  surrender to the 5 minute guided visualization that may put you to sleep before it’s over.


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