Back to Strength: Core Integration To Live & Play Back-Pain Free – 5-Video Set – INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Selected Pilates and Yoga movements proven to alleviate back pain while conditioning Core Muscles. Rebuild your body in simple and clear steps suitable for everyone.


Key Benefits:

  • Proven movement to heal lower back pain
  • Build a rock-solid Core that will forever support your back
  • Fix your form, soothe joint pain, maximize your flexibility
  • Get your body in proper alignment so you can work and play with minimum effort

This educational 5 Video Set is more than a collection of exercise videos. It’s a systematic way to rebuild your body! It’s Core Integration Education in simple and clear steps suitable for everyone.

Start with “Pilates on the Go” and “Morning and Bedtime Stretches”. As your strength increases and pain fades, continue with “Better Posture” followed by “Beginner Pilates in Detail and 2 Sequences”. Progressing with these exercises will provide you with other benefits in addition to a pain-free back! You will soon acquire increased stamina and strength and quickly start integrating your core awareness into all your activities.

Included in this 5-Video Set:

1.  ‘Pilates on the GO’, to loosen-up tight back, neck & shoulders when sitting for long hours; movement you can easily integrate into the busiest day
2.  ‘Better Posture’, look years younger by preserving the natural curve of your back and stop the aging effects on the spine
3.  ‘Beginner Pilates in Detail’, to reshape and realign your body from your core outward; seven 15-25 minute workouts as originally taught by Joseph H. Pilates
4.  ‘2 Progressive Pilates Workout Sequences’, to create long lean muscles and sculpt a graceful Pilates body with a natural “weight lifter’s” belt around your waistline to protect your back
5.  ‘Morning & Bedtime Stretches’, for stress and tension release & to un-kink muscle knots;  includes “how to properly stretch” hips & legs (back, inner and outer thighs <IT band>); surrender to the 5 minute guided visualization that may put you to sleep before it’s over.


“Michaela is such a competent instructor, with an easy going teaching style. It feels as though she knows your needs so you can trust you won’t get hurt. She explains how to safely progress from one exercise to a more complex one and how to properly position so you get the most out of your exercise. I highly recommend this instructor and her videos!”

The Videos in this package are also available as Single DVDs and Instant Downloads.


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