About Balance – DVD FORMAT


Prevent the risk of falling and hurting yourself. Tone your Abs, slim your Legs, lift the Tush. Stand and walk with grace and ease.


Key Benefits:

  • Stand and walk with grace and ease
  • Gain Control of your body’s movements; prevent the risk of falling
  • Clear the mind, relax and improve your ability to focus
Did you know that the second most common cause of accidental death in the world is falling?
To have great balance, your muscules have to be strong and work together to support your body in the proper way. This expertly-guided progressive sequence will increase your lower body strength, flexibility, abdominal strength and body awareness.

You can strengthen your core muscles (abdominals, legs, buttocks, back) and improve your balance in as little as one month with these easy exercises and guided movements.

“The first time I’ve done Michaela’s “About Balance” video, my butt and legs felt sore for 2 days – what a great feeling!”

Go beyond ‘About Balance’ with one of these Amazing Complementary videos (images below): 

 1.  Beginner Pilates in Detail plus 2 Progressive Workout Sequences – 2-DVD Set
Two Beginner Pilates videos that will tone your ABS, legs and back in record time.

As described by a client this video set is …    “the best instructional video for a beginner who wants to learn the 7 basic Pilates exercises well. Her instructions are detailed and clear and easy to understand and follow.”

2.  Posture Balance and Whole Body Toning – 4-DVD Set – includes ‘About Balance’  plus
Morning and Bedtime Stretches’
, to loosen-up your back, hips, neck and shoulders
Better Posture’, to correct postural imbalances, keep your spine aligned and prevent fatigue
Toned Arms Buttocks & Thighs’, best moves to blast the jiggle in the arms, legs, bum.

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