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This is Michaela, and in case you haven’t heard of me, over the last 20 years I’ve helped thousands of individuals recover from pain, develop strong bodies, get the most from their sport and even trained Olympic athletes.

 I’ve used Pilates, Yoga and Foam Roller movements with particular emphasis on Developing and Integrating Core Strength  into every movement.

 How did I choose to become a “Core instructor”? Well … it chose me. In my early thirties, I was virtually crippled with back pain while working in a sedentary, stressful job. My body was week, I lacked muscle awareness and I was very limited in what I could do. Taking responsibility for my recovery, I drove 12 hours to New York City again and again to learn the original, authentic Pilates method at the studio set up by Joseph Pilates himself. By the time I finished and passed the 750 hour program about a year and a half later, my body had transformed into a hard lean machine and for the first time in many years I was living pain free! Wanting to share my great success, I opened a Pilates studio in London Canada, then obtained my Sivananda Yoga teacher certification a couple of years later. After 12 years of instructing individuals and groups, I produced 8 fantastic educational videos to share the secrets I had learned through training clients and personally experienced. I wanted everyone to have access to this powerful knowledge in their own homes or offices if they can’t make it to a studio for regular training. More videos followed in subsequent years as I’ve learned about my clients’ needs and goals.

Now I’d like to help you achieve the very same! In fact, these techniques have already helped thousands of people just like you to develop the shapely, lean, pain free body you would like to have.

And here is the amazing part: anyone can do this! Many people started training with me in their 60’s and 70’s which proves the point that one is never too old or in too much pain to start being active and live and play pain free. If you are unable to see an instructor one-to-one, even if you don’t have any fitness experience, you can develop strength and flexibility to overcome muscle imbalances and pain at work or at home with the right instructional video(s). On your own time, with the step-by-step guidance necessary, you can stretch and exercise correctly and effectively to achieve your goals and the success you deserve. Eating the right food will certainly help! I’m sure you’ve heard that “you are what you eat”. All my life I’ve been obsessed with “eating clean”, obsession which began with grandma’s healthy, fresh, delicious meals of my childhood.

I believe that proper nutrition is a prerequisite for a lifetime of good health, including physical well-being.

I would love to share with you my extensive knowledge of nutrition and original Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free recipes that I rely on for boundless energy, the desire and ability to exercise and to keep the mind clear and alert and emotions in check. Look forward to keeping in touch and to hearing from YOU about your challenges and goals that I can help you achieve!

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“Michaela has a unique gift for communicating proper technique. Give yourself the gift of her experience and expertise in the privacy of your own home!” “Michaela is just the best teacher. She is precise, careful and very dedicated. I feel safe with her!” “I love the fact that each exercise is very detailed, and she’s so focused on the viewer’s understanding of the manoeuvre.  She didn’t just spit out a DVD to make money.” “I love how she explains each move and describes which part of the body it is targeting.”

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